I used Google's artificial intelligence chatbot, Gemini, to help create a brief and brainstorm a user flow for a concept mobile application.
Project goal
Create a mockup user flow for a user-friendly and engaging mobile app for rolling dice, keeping track of roll outcomes, and potentially incorporating additional functionalities for game management.
Target audiences
Primary: Young to middle-aged professionals who enjoy playing games, but want a convenient and streamlined experience.
Secondary: Broad audience of all ages who play games and can benefit from a dice rolling tool.
Core functionalities
Dice rolling: Allow users to select the number and type of dice (d4, d6, d8, etc.) and roll them with a button tap or shake gesture.
Outcome tracking: Maintain a history list that displays the results of each dice roll.
Using AI as opposed to my normal way of brainstorming helped save time when writing up content for the brief. It also allowed me to think down a path for a while and get other ideas outside my own wants for a mobile app. One example was using a shake gesture in addition to the button tap to roll dice. Gemini also contributed to the overall user-centered design approach of the mockups. It suggested more ways to be inclusive to some users, like using voice commands for accessibility.
Something as simple as a dice can be reconstructed into a chance to bring people together and create moments of excitement.
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